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How would you rate the work of the Taxpayers' Service Centers (TSC) to issue certificates and permits?


Operation Support Department

State Secrets, Information Technical and Cryptographic Protection Department

Logistics Support and Infrastructure Development Department

HR Management Department

Finance and Accounting Department 

Internal Audit Department

Revenue Monitoring, Accounting and Reporting Systems Department

Taxpayers Service Department

Specialized Software Development and Maintenance Department

Legal Regulation Department

Administrative Appeals and Judicial Support Department

Legal Entities Taxation Department

Individuals Taxation Department

Audit Department

Methodology and Legislation Development Department

Anti-money Laundering Department

Debt Recovery Department

Customs Control and Clearance Department

Customs Payments Administration and Tariff Regulation Department

Countering Customs Violations and International Interaction Department

Chief Criminal Investigations Department

Chief Internal Security Department

Chief Financial Investigations Department

Targeting and Customs Risk Management Department

Corruption Prevention and Detection Department

Strategic Development and International Cooperation Department

PR Department

Procurement Department

Risk Transaction Monitoring Department

Customs Statistics Department

Transfer Pricing and International Taxation Department