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Import of cultural values

Cultural values – objects of material and spiritual culture that have artistic, historical, ethnographic and scientific significance that must be preserved, restored and protected according to the legislation of Ukraine, namely:

- original artistic works of painting, graphic arts and sculptures, artistic compositions and assemblages from any materials, works of ornamental and traditional folk art;

- subjects related to historical events, the development of society and the state, history, science and culture, as well as those related to the life and work of prominent figures of the state, political parties, public and religious organizations, science, culture and art;

- objects of museum value that were found during archaeological excavations;

- parts and fragments of architectural, historical, artistic monuments and monuments of monumental art;

- old books and other publications that form historical, artistic, scientific and literary value, separately or in collections;

- manuscripts and incubulums, old-age books, archival documents, including kino-, photo- and phono documents, separately or in collections;

- unique and distinctive musical instruments;

- various types of weapons that have artistic, historical, ethnographic and scientific value;

- rarepost stamps, other philatelic materials, separately or in a collection;

- rare coins, orders, medals, seals and other collectibles;

- zoological collections that have scientific, cultural-educational, educational, educational or aesthetic value;

- rarecollections and samples of flora and fauna, mineralogy, anatomy and paleontology;


Family values–are cultural values that have the character of personal or family objects;

Collection of cultural values – is a homogeneous or differentiated variety based on certain features of various objects thatcollectivelycontain an artistic, historical, ethnographic or scientific valueregardless of the cultural value of each object.

Article 21 of the Law of Ukraine dated September 21 ,9999 No. 1068-XIV "On Export, Import and Return of Cultural Property" stipulates that cultural values imported to Ukraine must be registered according to the procedure determined by the central executive entity that ensures the formation of the state policy in the sphere of export, import and return of cultural property, the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine together with the central executive entity that ensures the formation of the state financial policy.

In the process of import ofcultural property to the territory of Ukraine, the incomes and fees entity submits a certificate on their right to export if it is prescribed by the legislation of the state from which the cultural values are imported.

In the case of absence of such certificate, the imported values undergo the authorities' detentionby the incomes and fees entity until theidentification of their owner and obtaining of his order for the further transportation or use of these values. Such order must be confirmed by the diplomatic mission or consular office of the country-residence of the cultural property owner.

For more detailed information, please contact the Ministry of Culture and Arts of Ukraine.