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Due to the lack of a postal operator regarding the information about the parcel (international postal dispatch) on the official site, please provide the consultation regarding the order of the reimbursement in case of loss of parcel and / or violation of the delivery period of parcel.

Legal, socio-economic and organizational foundations of activity in the sphere of providing postal services are stipulated by the Law of Ukraine dated 04.10.2001 № 2759-III “On the postal services” / with amendments (hereinafter - the Law). The Law also regulates relations between public authorities and local self-government bodies, postal operators and users of their services.

According to Parts 1 and 2 Article 17 of the Law all operators, regardless of their organizational and legal form, use equal rights and perform the same obligations according to the legislation of Ukraine, except for the exclusive rights and obligations of the national operator specified by the Law. Operators provide users with access to information on tariffs, rules on the provision of postal services, mail forwarding periods, post office activity modes, prohibited items for dispatching, operators' responsibility to users, etc.

In addition, the procedure for the provision of postal services, the rights and obligations of postal operators and users of postal services, as well as the regulation of relations between them are determined by the Rules on the provision of postal services approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 05.03.2009  № 270 (with amendments), according to which:  

in case of failure  of performance or improper performance of postal services the postal operator is liable forefront the users of postal services according to the law (Paragraph 129);

any information about the postal dispatch, postal order, sender (name, postal address) is given only to the addressee or his legal representative by his request (Paragraph 130);

the addressee is entitled to apply for an additional payment for the search of registered postal item sent to him, postal order (Paragraph 123);

the user of postal services has the right: to obtain information on the procedure and term for the provision of postal services, apply for the protection of his rights as a consumer to a territorial body of a specially authorized central executive entity in the sphere of consumer rights protection, as well as to the court in order to complain about illegal actions of postal employees according to the procedure stipulated by the law (Paragraph 127).

According to  the Paragraph 13.1 Section 13 of the Regulation on Customs Control and Customs Clearance of International Postal Dispatches approved by the Order of the State Customs Service of Ukraine, the State Committee for Communications and Informatization of Ukraine dated October 27, 1999 No. 680/108, registered by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on November 17, 1999 for No. 791/4084 (with amendments), applications of individuals and legal entities are considered according to the procedure established by the legislation:

regarding material claims, the order and terms of the international postal service - postal operators;

regarding the accrued, detained or seized customs duties by the customs authorities.

Reference. According to Paragraph 3 of Section XXI "Final and transitional provisions" of the Customs Code of Ukraine dated March 13, 2012 № 4495-VI (with amendments) the legal acts of the central executive entity that provides realization of the state policy in the sphere of state customs service and other central executive entities adopted for the compliance of the laws of Ukraine on issues on the state customs service until the moment of validity of this Code and legal acts used in applying the norms of the laws on the state customs service (including legal acts of the USSR) are applied in the Part that does not contradict this Code until the adoption of the corresponding acts according to the requirements of this Code.

As follows, for the solution of all occurred issues individuals must contact the postal operator whose services were used by the sender of international dispatch, or to the postal operator of Ukraine with whom this foreign operator made an agreement (contract) on the exchange of international postal dispatches.