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How would you rate the work of the Taxpayers' Service Centers (TSC) to issue certificates and permits?

The first stage of service "HR of SFS" is starting since 07.10.2015.


Since 07.10.2015, it’s starting of the first stage of service "Human resources of SFS of Ukraine" (next - Service), which stipulates familiarization with activities of State Fiscal Service of Ukraine and its territorial bodies, choice of virtual position for which a candidate can claimand passing appropriate questionnaire.

The purpose of the Service is to create an effective team of employees - professionals and forming an effective base of candidates for all positions in the SFS.

Main objectives of the Service are:

- Formation of a new generation of government officials, who master modern methods and forms of work, combine strategic approach with high professionalism, not prone to corruption and so on;

- Improving of search system, selection and formation of HR, ability of onlineworking, exclusion of subjective attitude to candidate, creation of four databases;

- Using of HR-technologies for the selection of future employees of SFS, employees’ search of lower, middle and upper managers;

- Creation of transparent search process and selection of HR, which excludes direct contact with applicant.

Functional capabilitiesof the Service are for 4 categories of persons who may be members of our project - SFS employees, employees of other public authorities, university graduates, who concluded cooperation contract, and other persons willing to work in SFS.

We invite you to pass questionnaire and after passing of additional stagesin furtherto become a member of our professionalteam!