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How would you rate the work of the Taxpayers' Service Centers (TSC) to issue certificates and permits?

Read in the latest edit of “Visnyk” №45-46 / 07.12.2019


-          What changes were made to the order of licensing of economic activity?

-          How the long-term debt and liabilities should be reflected in the Balance? How new rules affect the tax rates?

-          What are the consequences of introduction of the tax information exchange within the framework of FATCA compliance?

-          Overview of current individual tax consultations on the VAT, income tax, transfer pricing, excise tax, personal income tax / military fee / single social contribution, simplified taxation system, excise tax, land tax, RCO.

-          How the updated rules protect intellectual property rights upon the transportation of goods across the customs border?

-          Answers to questions from the VAT payers during the hotline.

-          If the product was returned to the supplier whose supply operations are exempt from the VAT, whether the adjustment calculation is required?

-          What are the VAT consequences if the buyer receives cash rewards from the seller for successful sale of the goods?

-          What is the obligatory requirement for accounting of the joint venture agreements in controlling authorities?

-          What are the consequences if the payer who uses the VAT cash accounting method in the case of change of party to the obligation?

-          What income from the sale of property is not taxed? When declaration of property and income is not required?

-          What is the time limit for payment of the exported goods? When does the bank exercise currency supervision? Under what conditions the penalty for exceeding the terms of payment will not be charged?

-          What documents for obtaining a permit for the processing of goods in Ukraine should be submitted? What is the total processing time of imported toll raw materials and can it be prolonged? Who controls the re-export of processed products?

-          Another review of the Supreme Court practice on the tax disputes.

-          Answers to questions regarding the ecological tax and rent payment.