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Officers of the Chief Internal Security Department liquidated the illegal scheme on the import of luxury cars without payment of mandatory customs duties

31.10.2019 -

Within the course of corruption counteraction measures in the customs sphere and within the framework of criminal proceeding, filed in the Unified register of the pre-trial investigations on materials of the unit on the grounds of committing a criminal offense under Part 3 Article 369-2 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, officers of the SFS Chief Internal Security Department jointly with the military Prosecutor’s office of the Western region of Ukraine liquidated activity of the illegal scheme on the import to the territory of Ukraine of luxury passenger vehicles of foreign registration under the guise of legal temporary import without payment of the corresponding customs duties for the purpose of their further dismantling and sale by spare parts.

In the course of measures, officials of the SFS Lviv and Chernivtsi customs were detected at involvement in the malpractice contrary to the interests of the service and assistance to the organizer and executors in illegal transportation of luxury vehicles to the customs territory of Ukraine which caused significant damage to the state budget in the form of non-receipt of funds as payment for mandatory customs duties.

As part of the documentation of criminal activity on October 28, 2019 a number of searches and other investigative actions were carried out during which documentation criminal proceedings was added with facts on seizure of:  cash in foreign currency, drafts with payments, computer equipment, documents on the customs clearance of vehicles, registration certificates of vehicles addressed to the non-residents, letterheads of invoices and contracts of sale and purchase of cars, acts of completed works, receipts for payment of funds, as well as two vehicles that are the subject of a criminal offense.

Currently, there are ongoing investigative actions aimed at full, thorough investigation, notification of suspicion to defendants and referral of the indictment to the court.