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Chinese goods for 3 million UAH have been seized by Trans Carpathian custom officers

24.07.2019 -

Import of goods from China with the violation of customs rules has been suspended at the customs post “Tisa” of Trans Carpathian Customs of the SFS. According to the accompanying shipping documents on goods that the driver gave to the customs control the “consumer goods” with a total value of more than 129 thousand USD was transported across the custom border of Ukraine in the customs regime of “import”. Seller and sender of the goods is a Chinese company; the buyer and recipient is the Ukrainian LLC from Dnipro city.

During the customs control of the vehicle and goods the custom officers of Trans Carpathian Customs of the SFS found the inconsistency of the goods declared in the shipping documents on goods to the actually present goods with regard to the title, quantity and value. In particular, custom officers detected such goods as: women’s denim jackets of different sizes and brands; jewelry; hoops for hair; lightning for clothes; watches; rolls with a grid of different sizes and colors that weren’t declared in documents. Total amount of undeclared goods is 18761 items, the estimated cost of which is 3 million UAH.

Thus, the entrepreneur has committed actions aimed at transporting goods across the custom border of Ukraine with concealment from customs control by submitting to the incomes and fees entity documents containing false information about the title of the goods, their quantity and value.

The specified actions have signs of the violation of customs rules prescribed in Part 1 Article 483 of the Customs Code of Ukraine.

At present, the protocol on the violation of customs rules has been filed; detected goods that were not declared in the accompanying shipping documents submitted for customs control have been withdrawn until the court decision.