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Trans Carpathian custom officers did not allow the foreigner to export a large batch of cigarettes

01.08.2019 -

Today, on the 1st of August 2019 custom officers of Trans Carpathian Customs of the SFS stopped the illegal export of tobacco products at the custom post “Nevetlenfolu”.

Truck Fiat SCANIA with foreign registration under the control of a Serbian citizen drove in the direction of “departure from Ukraine”.

Having chosen the “Red Corridor” for the passage of the customs control during the oral questioning the foreigner informed that he has nothing forbidden and hidden from the customs control for the export outside the custom territory of Ukraine.

Therefore, hidden from the customs control in the fuel tank of the truck, in specially equipped concealment cashes and in canisters for storing the fuel approximately 10,000 packs of tobacco products of the Marble brand without the excise duty stamps of Ukraine were detected as a result of customs control conducted on the basis of analysis of the driver’s behavior and analyzing the situation of crossing the border of Ukraine by the specified driver.

At present, the inspection of the truck and search for other places of concealment is ongoing.

So, a Serbian citizen tried to transport goods out of the customs control across the custom border of Ukraine. These actions have features of the violation of the customs rules prescribed in Part 1 Article 483 of the Customs Code of Ukraine. Measures to record this violation and filling in of the appropriate protocol are taken.