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Falsified vehicle registration certificate was submitted for the registration at the checkpoint “Yagodin”

08.08.2019 -

Volyn custom officers of the SFS stopped the intention of Volyn resident to “save” on the customs duty payment for about half a million UAH, the specified Volyn resident acted as a driver on the behalf.

It was identified that during the process of import of a used vehicle RENAULTPREMIUM 460 DXI through the checkpoint “Yagodin”, the driver submitted documents for the customs clearance for registration regarding that the vehicle had been registered in the Swiss Confederation since 2014. But the conducted validation of declaration on the basis of the information from the authorized officials of the European states has proved that the certificate of registration in Switzerland has never been issued before the customs clearance, and the first registration of this vehicle was done in Poland six months earlier.

The number of full calendar years of exploitation of the vehicle influences the amount of customs payments during its release for free turnover across the territory of Ukraine. In this case, the difference between the proper and the declared payment was over 478 thousand UAH.

Volyn resident will be brought to the liability under Article 483 of the Customs Code of Ukraine for submitting the false information about a product. Sanctions of the Article prescribe the confiscation of the goods and a fine in the amount of it’s total value.

According to expert’s estimation, the value of the seized to the warehouse truck is almost 857 thousand UAH. The case file was submitted to the court.