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Citizen tried to lower the cost of vehicle more than in a double

09.08.2019 -

Transport vehicle with trailer that transported the Mercedes-Benz (model S500E, year of issue 2017) under the control of a citizen of Ukraine came to the zone of customs control of the international customs checkpoint for the automobile connection “Shehyni – Medyka” from the Republic of Poland to Ukraine. For the customs clearance and customs control, the citizen submitted an invoice for the amount of 35 thousand Euros, as well as a contract on the execution of works that gives the right to transport this vehicle for a citizen in Odessa.

Suspicion of misrepresentation of the cost of the specified car arose during the completion of the customs formalities. Customs officers decided to check the legality of the import regarding the Mercedes-Benz, so they sent a request to the Polish side. In response, according to the export customs declaration of the Republic of Poland the cost amounted up to 70.000 Euros which is 1 970 457.44 UAH according to the NBU rate as of the date of import.

Subsequently, a citizen of Ukraine submitted forged documents or those containing false data on the cost of the vehicle to the incomes and fees entity.

Such actions have features of the violation of customs rules prescribed in Part 1 Article 483 of the Customs Code of Ukraine. Mercedes-Benz car has been seized. The case will be sent to the court.