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Employees of Lviv Customs of the SFS of Ukraine seized the skins of silver fox

21.08.2019 -

The fur cargo was detected by employees of Lviv Customs of the SFS in a car of driver-citizen of Ukraine who arrived at the checkpoint “Hrushiv – Budomezh” from the Republic of Poland. For passage of the border he chose the simplified customs control lane “green corridor”, certifying the absence of any goods that must be declared. However, customs officers inspected the car and found 55 skins of silver fox in car’s trunk among the driver’s personal belongings.

Therefore, the citizen violated the established procedure for the customs clearance in the zones of simplified customs control. His actions have features of violation of the customs rules prescribed in Article 471 of the Customs Code of Ukraine. Protocol has been complied, cargo – seized. The case will be sent to the court.