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13 ancient books remain in Ukraine

21.08.2019 -

Custom officers prevented an attempt on the export of ancient books in Zaporizhzhia. At International Airport in Zaporizhzhia city during the customs clearance of the passengers who flew to Istanbul, the US citizen independently chose the “green corridor” for the passage of the customs control. Doing so, he certified that he did not carry limited or prohibited items or valuables.

Instead, after crossing the “green corridor", customs officers found 13 ancient books in his hand luggage. The specified citizen had no permission documents for the detected books, as well as no expert opinions needed for the transportation across the customs border of Ukraine; some books dates from the 19th century. Protocol on violation of the procedure of customs control under Article 471 of the Customs Code of Ukraine has been complied. Cost of books will be determined additionally.

We remind that the procedure for the transportation of cultural values is regulated by Article 373 of the Customs Code of Ukraine, the Law of Ukraine “On the export, import and return of cultural property” and Instruction on the procedure for registration of the right on the export, temporary export of cultural property and control over its transportation across the state border of Ukraine approved by the Order of the Ministry of Culture and Arts of Ukraine №. 258 dated 22.04.2002.