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Attempt to smuggle cigarettes in worth of almost 2.7 million UAH to Romania has been stopped by customs officers in Chernivtsi

22.08.2019 -

Excisable goods in the amount of almost 60 thousand packs have been detected by the SFS customs officers in Chernivtsi during an in-depth inspection of a vehicle that transported goods to Romania at the “Porubne-Siret” checkpoint. 

Thus, truck driven by Romanian citizen who was traveling from Ukraine to Romania on business came to the checkpoint.

In order to carry out customs formalities, a representative of one Romanian haulage company submitted shipping documents according to which the cargo - root cutters and electric shredders - was transported in the vehicle. The consignors of the goods were the limited liability companies of Vinnytsia region, the buyer is a Romanian firm.

Decision to carry out full inspection of the cargo area of the specified vehicle has been made during the conduction of customs border control taking into account results of application of the risk management system and information received from law enforcement agencies. Violation of customs rules according to Part 1 Article 483 of the Customs Code of Ukraine has been detected as a result of the inspection. Hidden from customs control cigarettes of domestic production “Marlboro” were found inside the boxes with the declared goods. 

Protocol on the violation of customs rules regarding the driver of the haulage company has been complied according to which 59 thousand 950 packs of tobacco  product “Marlboro” with a total value of almost 2 million 700 thousand UAH were temporarily seized to the customs warehouse. Sanctions of the above mentioned Article prescribe a fine in the amount of 100% of the value of the items that violated customs rules.