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Transportation of almost 60 kg of amber concealed from the customs control to China has been prevented at checkpoint “Boryspil”

22.08.2019 -

Officers of the checkpoint “Airport Boryspil” and Countering Customs Violations and International Interaction Office of Kyiv Customs of the SFS in cooperation with Individual checkpoint “Kyiv” of the State Border Service detected the attempt made by two Chinese citizens regarding the transportation of a large batch with amber concealed from the customs control beyond the custom territory of Ukraine by one flight.

Both foreigners students of different Ukrainian higher education institutions flew home and for the passage of customs control chose a simplified system - the “green corridor” which ensured that goods transported across the customs border of Ukraine are not subject to written declaration, taxation of customs duty payments, do not fall under the prohibition and restrictions on the export from the custom territory of Ukraine.

In the process of passage the customs control, Chinese citizens did not submit customs declaration and did not ask customs inspectors to declare the goods.

Substance of natural origin of brown color with different shades that signs of precious stones of the organogenic origin (amber) was found in seven travel suitcases belonging to the specified passengers.

Amber was in the cardboard factory linen boxes of Ukrainian production with title “Eco-friendly, odorless, does not cause allergic reactions, is subjected to wet processing” in rectangular bags on a zipper.

Boxes with bags were in three suitcases, which in addition to the substance of natural origin contained personal belongings; subsequently made it was difficult to identify these stones during the customs control of baggage.

According to Part 3 Article 371 of the Customs Code of Ukraine goods whose total invoice value exceeds the equivalent of 10 000 Euros, intended on the export (shipping) by citizens beyond the custom territory of Ukraine, are subject to a written declaration with the submission of the customs declaration stipulated by the legislation of Ukraine for enterprises, and with export duty payment, prescribed by the laws of Ukraine.

Protocols on violation of the customs rules under Article 483 of the Customs Code of Ukraine have been complied. Amber has been seized, pending a court decision regarding the case.