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Trans Carpathian custom officers found 229 items of brand Apple

04.09.2019 -

At customs post “Uzhgorod” of Trans Carpathian Customs of the SFS custom officers stopped import of goods that exceed the tax rate and are restricted for transportation across the customs border of Ukraine.

Vehicle Mercedes-Benz Sprinter with Ukrainian registration arrived at customs post “Uzhgorod”. The compatriot returned from the Czech Republic, where he was for personal business.

Driver chose the “green corridor” as a form of customs control, certifying that he tranports items that are not subject to compulsory written declaration, or subject to customs and other payments or fees, and which do not have any restrictions or restrictions on transportation across the customs border of Ukraine.

In the course of customs control of the specified vehicle and the citizen’s belongings, customs officers found 34 laptops “MacBook” Apple, 80 Apple “AirPods” headphones, 10 smart Apple  watches of “Watch Series 4”, 105 mobile phones Apple of models “Iphone X”, “Iphone XR”, “Iphone XS”, “Iphone XSmax”, “Iphone 8” and “Iphone 6s”. Detected items were in the luggage compartment of the vehicle among personal belongings. Access to it was not difficult.

So, the citizen violated the established procedure of passing customs control – that is the case that during the passage customs control the citizen had goods that exceed the non-taxable rate of transportation across the customs border of Ukraine and were restricted for transportation.

These actions have features of violation of customs rules prescribed in Article 471 of the Customs Code of Ukraine.

At present, protocol on violation of customs rules has been complied; goods have been seized pending court decision. The cost of goods will be determined.