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99 mink skins were seized by Lviv Custom officers

25.09.2019 -

Today, on the 25th of September 2019 at night a female-citizen of Ukraine (resident of Lviv) as a driver of vehicle «VW SHARAN» was traveling from the Republic of Poland to Ukraine through the crossing point «Shehyni» by the line of simplified customs control – “green corridor. However, the custom officers had suspicions, coordinated the car from the general stream and directed for an in-depth inspection. 99 hidden pieces of exposed fur mink skins of the light brown and gray color were found under the front seats of the driver and passenger, as well as in the engine compartment in the alcove near the battery.

As follows, the female-citizen made actions aimed at transporting goods across the custom border of Ukraine with concealment from the customs control by using the means or methods that impeded the detection of such goods.

Specified actions have signs of violation of the customs rules prescribed in Part 1 Article 483 of the Customs Code of Ukraine. Protocol on violation of the customs rules was filed according to this fact. Goods were seized. The case is referred to court.