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Almost 10 tons of new clothing from a well-known Swedish company were found by Lviv custom officers jointly with Security service of Ukraine under the stack of “second hand”

30.09.2019 -

Recently, two trucks under the control of Ukrainian citizens arrived to the customs control area of the checkpoint “Rava-Ruska-Hrebenne” from Poland. According to the shipping documents provided by the drivers, the cars were filled with clothing, shoes and other used items of 20 tons in each car. The consignee is one of the LLCs in Lviv.

During the customs inspection, in particular, full unloading and weighing, it was found that there were 4.8 tons of new H&M clothing in each car except for the second-hand.

Subsequently, citizen of Ukraine, director of Polish company has taken actions aimed at transporting goods across the custom border of Ukraine with the submission of documents that contained false information on the nomenclature of goods.

These actions have signs of violation of customs rules under Part 1 Article 483 of the Customs Code of Ukraine.