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1091 packs of hidden cigarettes were sized from the bus driver by Trans Carpathian custom officers

11.10.2019 -

The bus driver who did the international transportation of passengers by the route “Vinnytsia – Napoli” tried to conduct an illegal export of tobacco products through the customs post “Tisa” of the SFS Trans Carpathian Customs Service.

Ukrainian driver passed the customs control through the “red corridor”, completing the customs declaration stating that his passport information and presence of the hand luggage with personal belongings.

During the verbal questioning, the driver confirmed mentioned in the customs declaration information and denied the presence of any goods, including obligatory for declaring and reported that he did not transport any goods hidden from the customs control.

Customs officers decided to conduct full customs inspection of the bus on the basis of signs regarding the arrangement of the specified vehicle with specially equipped storage facilities or the use of other means or methods that complicate the detection of goods. Therefore, the amount of 1091 packs tobacco products with excise duty stamps of Ukraine of different trademarks was hidden from the customs control.

Tobacco products were hidden in a gap between the rear wall of the refrigerator behind the driver’s seat and the side wall of the driver’s rest area.

The estimated cost of detected cigarettes is 47 573 UAH.

Ukrainian driver recognized detected tobacco products as his property and explained that he purchased cigarettes for transportation abroad in order to give them to his friends.

The citizen used specially made hiding places for the purpose of illegal transportation of goods across the customs border of Ukraine. These actions have features of a violation of customs rules prescribed in Part 1 Article 483 of the Customs Code of Ukraine.

At present, protocol on violation of customs rules has been complied; subsequently, cigarettes have been seized pending court decision.