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Beer from Poland, cigarettes abroad: things that most often were discovered by Lviv custom officers

05.11.2019 -

Over the past weekend officers of Lviv Customs Service most often recorded the import of goods to Ukraine with violation of the customs rules.

As follows, at the checkpoint “Krakovetc – Korchova” nearly 200 pieces of technical equipment, in particular - cameras, processors, tablets, USB drives and mobile phones were confiscated from a local resident.

In addition, at the same checkpoint tons of products, including - nearly a thousand bottles of beer were found in the Mercedes-Benz car that belonged to citizen of Ukraine.

Also, nearly 200 items of undeclared clothing were found by custom officers in one of the cars at the checkpoint “Rava-Ruska – Hrebenne”.

At the checkpoint “Shehyni – Medyka” a Moldovan citizen moving along the “green corridor”, tried to export 405 packs of Marlboro cigarettes from Ukraine without the excise stamps. “Smart” driver hid the goods in the fuel tank of the SEAT Alhambra. As a result, he was left without cigarettes and without a car.

Protocols on violation of the customs rules were compiled in all specified cases. Products and goods were seized, cost will be identified additionally. Cases were sent to the court.