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In Germany, since the beginning of 2014 increased the tax on the purchase of real estate


From  January 1, 2014 a one-time tax on the purchase of real estate has increased in four federal states: Berlin, Bremen, Lower Saxony and Schleswig- Holstein. Now homebuyers in these regions will pay for the purchase of objects larger than before.

According to citing data from experts in 2012 - 2013 years eight German states increased taxes, and from  January 1, 2014 was followed by another increase in four other lands. Now the highest fee for purchase of real estate buyers pay in Schleswig -Holstein - 6.5% of the property value . For example, those who buy a house or apartment for EUR 200 thousand, should give the state about EUR 13 thousand. Because of increasing the tax rate by 1.5% is expected the growth in Budget replenishment by EUR 66 million.

The tax rate in Berlin just six years ago was at 3.5 %. In 2014, there was already the third increase since January 1, the tax rate increased to 6%. Thanks to this financial Senator Ulrich Nussbaum expects replenishment of the city budget on EUR 100 million.

In the lands of Bremen and Lower Saxony tax rate was increased more modestly, up to 5 % (previously 4.5%).

Thus , Bavaria and Saxony are the only federal lands, which in recent years hasn't increased the tax rate and still charge when buying real estate just 3.5 % of the property value .