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Sergey Bilan: next year SFS will began to work on an automated system PRINEX -2


Next year, State Fiscal Service of Ukraine will start to work on the project: "Creation of automated intelligent video surveillance system for goods and vehicles moved though Ukrainian-Belarusian border» (PRINEX-2). It will continue the project PRINEX, which was executed in October this year. This was proclaimed by First Deputy Head of the State Fiscal Service Sergey Bilan during final international conference of PRINEX.

"Continuation of the system aim`s at enhancement of data exchange between customs authorities of Ukraine and Belarus further more. Information for such cooperation is mainly: on the results of customs controls, including surveillance systems and license plates data reading, so as the results of weighing and scanning" - said Sergey Bilan.

The new project has already received approval of the European Union, which is a project donor for PRINEX.

Implementation of the new system will avoid information duplication of departments of the two countries and consequently reduce timing of customs formalities at the border crossing diligent carriers, reduce the number of illegal movement of goods and vehicles and smuggling, reduce corruption at the border.

According to Sergei Bilan, electronic exchange of preliminary information already proved its effectiveness. Since its introduction numbers of cost items seized at the border and offenses was increased in 2.3 times.

"Thanks to the rapid exchange of information between customs bodies of Belarus and Ukraine we achieve several goals. First - get data about cargo, vehicles, goods and process them efficiently. Second - for the average citizen was significantly reduced timing of customs procedures and third - development of cooperation between law enforcement agencies of the two countries is strengthening every second ", - said Sergey Bilan.

Delegates also expressed confidence that the current system and its continuation PRINEX and PRINEX-2 will build an open border for carriers and citizens, yet close it for smuggling and illegal movement of goods.