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Roman Nasirov: SFS takes into account the position of the business in the reforms implementation


Chairman of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine Roman Nasirov took part in the discussion of the financial system and interaction between SFS, the National Bank and banking institutions.

"Our Service is in the process of reforming and structural changes. These changes are also reflected in the financial sphere", - said Roman Nasirov.

He stressed that SFS is constantly taking steps to establish interaction with taxpayers. "We have intensified the dialogue with business and take into account its position in the process of reforms".

During the dialogue with the financial sector participants discussed such issues as changing the approach to tax administration and tax regulation of business.

"Fiscal Service is working on reducing the shadow economy and simplification of tax laws, constantly conducted fight against corruption. Among the most successful steps are the simplification of tax administration, the improvement of the submission of electronic reporting and the introduction of new electronic services for taxpayers", - said Roman Nasirov.