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Roman Nasirov: We must work together with business to develop an effective investment plan for Ukraine


How to improve investment climate in Ukraine and accelerate its business development were among the main topics of discussion during the meeting of the SFS Investment Council.

"Today's meeting is the opportunity to hear business demands, their vision of planning our common future. Because only through constructive dialogue we can better understand what business will need in January, in the first quarter, first half and in general in 2017", - said Chairman of the SFS Roman Nasirov.

He emphasized, that the fiscal authorities and business had the opportunity to analyze everything, that was done, and decided what to do further. Taking into account such proposals the SFS and business would develop an effective investment plan.

"For better understanding the development of industries it will be good to make Ukrainian Doing Bussines analysis. It is necessary to understand exactly what areas are already improved, what else should be done and in what way. Also it is important for business to deliver their proposals to the Government, the Parliament, the central state agencies, etc. ", - said Roman Nasirov.

In turn, business representatives stressed the need to make legislative changes, which would stimulate business development and promote investment in Ukraine. As Roman Nasirov said, the SFS appreciates that business is interested in the development of liberal Tax Code, which will ensure a transparent business environment for all market participants.

"We need quite big changes to tax legislation. But it should not be changes in sake of changes. Fiscal policy should be the effective mechanism”, - said the Chairman of the SFS.