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Oleksandr Vlasov: To make Customs fast, with smart and simple decisions is the task of authorities, businesses and society

10.10.2018 -

In the framework of the SFS reforms in customs area and building a new Customs, which will be fast, automated and meet the business needs, State Fiscal Service is interested in expert support from business. This was announced by the Acting Commissioner of the SFS Oleksandr Vlasov during the meeting with representatives of the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine.

Experts from the American Chamber of Commerce presented the vision of the business community regarding the Customs 2020 to the representatives of the Government, the SFS, the Ministry of Finance, and members of parliament.

As stated by the Acting Commissioner of SFS Oleksandr Vlasov, the suggested research is interesting, meaningful and filled with concrete proposals. SFS, in turn, listen to business community and does not stay static while developing customs direction. The Ukrainian customs should be rapid, efficient and economical, with reasonable and simple solutions in order to provide quality services for both citizens and business. This is a strategic task - for society, for business, and for authorities.

He also noted that the key principles for the customs affairs in Ukraine, developed by the business, match with the steps and tasks that the Service determines for itself in the framework of the reforms in customs area.

Thus, businesses propose to reform Customs in three main areas: automation and electronization of Customs, formalities and risk analysis, communication with business.

As noted by Oleksandr Vlasov, the electronization of customs procedures, in turn, is a priority for the State Fiscal Service. SMART Customs has recently been introduced in the SFS, which will apply all innovative methods and technologies and will be constantly updated and improved. And business support and expert assistance in this area are very important.

An important step to simplify customs formalities, as SFS Acting Commissioner mentioned, is the adoption of a law on the introduction of a "single window" mechanism. This will optimize all customs procedures at the border and simplify customs control procedures for the business. In general, today the share of goods, which are the subject to state control and cleared using the "single window" principle, is about 90% of the total amount of customs clearance.

An important principle of the new Customs also stated by businesses is a use of post clearance audit, which is tool for the facilitation of international trade. As stated by Oleksandr Vlasov, this issue is relevant for the SFS, since the draft law on post clearance audit is under consideration of the Parliament, and the system can be effectively regulated only due to legislative changes.

The Acting Commissioner also noticed that there is a separate division inside the SFS that deals with complaints. The establishment of such division in the customs area was called by business representatives as one of the steps of building effective communication with them.

Today, taxpayers and associations are already involved into appeals procedure and are present at process of complaints handling. They give their comments and suggestions that the SFS takes into account when making a decision.
"We are interested in a dialogue with the businesses on the development of Ukrainian Customs. We are moving in the same direction, our goals and plans are aligned and this is the main issue in our common desire to make the Customs modern, automated, open to honest businesses and effective in counteracting customs offenses," Oleksandr Vlasov emphasized.

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