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“Bastion” in action: amount of 11.4 thousand cigarettes in amount of 202 thousand UAH was detected

04.06.2019 -

Cigarettes of various brands were found in vehicle that transported “peat briquettes” during the custom control within the framework of operation “Bastion” at the crossing checkpoint of Krakovets-Korchov by Lviv Custom service of the SFS. Cigarettes were hidden in peat briquettes and sealed with polyethylene envelope. The consignor was a Lviv company and the recipient - Czech.

In total nearly 11.4 thousand packets of cigarettes were found. In particular: ROTHMANS (various types) - 6074 packs worth 176.700 UAH, LM - 800 packs worth 25.2 thousand UAH, MARVEL – 4.4 thousand packs (without excise stamps) the cost was not specified, HEETS - 80 packs (without excise stamps) the cost was not defined. The total cost of detected tobacco goods is almost 202 thousand UAH.

Measures on documenting the violation of custom rules are ongoing. Goods have been seized on the basis of Article 483 of the Customs Code.