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The SFS Contact center gave answers to 491.5 thousand questions from the taxpayers

09.08.2019 -

The SFS Contact center has given answers to 491.5 thousand questions from the individuals and legal entities during January-July 2019. Out of the total number of answers, the amount of 477.8 thousand answers was given by the telephone; 12.4 thousand by the e-mail and fax; 1.3 thousand by the answerphone.

Most often, the taxpayers applied questions regarding the value added tax, single contribution to the compulsory state social insurance, personal income tax, single tax for individuals-entrepreneurs, the rights and obligations of the taxpayers.

In order to avoid the polysemantic interpretation of the provisions stipulated by the legislation, all answers are provided using the Knowledge Base - an automated database of the unified answers to the questions of individuals and legal entities.  Thus, as of August 1, 2019 the Knowledge Base has 10.5 thousand topical unified questions-answers.

Knowledge base is constantly updated and kept up to date. Validity of 925 questions- answers and 827 revised questions- answers in the new edition have been limited due to the changes in legislation during January-July 2019.

139 consultations in writing form using the Knowledge Base have been provided to the taxpayers during the specified period.

Those who wish to receive information regarding the changes in legislation, the control of which is entrusted to the SFS, have received 21 mailings and 412.7 thousand e-mails.

For the convenience of business entities and citizens, the Knowledge Base is available on the official web portal of the SFS in the Q&A section of the Knowledge Base of the Information and Reference Resource. Therefore, the visitors of the web portal can find the answers to the questions that interest them at any time. Since the start of 2019, this service has been used by almost 1.9 million customers.

Sections: “Need to Know”, “Current Issues”, “Recent Legislative Changes”, “Interactive Map”, “Taxes and Fees”, “Customs Information” are available in the Information and Reference Resource. They allow users of the resource to receive information on the changes in tax, customs and other legislation, the control of compliance with which is entrusted to the SFS promptly and in a convenient form up-to-date, as well as information regarding the terms of filing the reporting documents and payment of taxes (fees), rates of national and local taxes and fees, single social contribution and taxation of goods depending on the chosen customs regime, etc.