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The malpractice has been announced to the officer of the Head office of Odessa Customs of the SFS

13.08.2019 -

Within the framework of criminal proceeding initiated by the materials of the Head office of Internal Security of the SFS the searches at the customs post “Podilsk” of Odessa Customs of the SFS and at the place of residence of the specified official of Odessa Customs of the SFS have been conducted as a result of which the suspicion of committing a crime under Part 3 Article 368 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine has been announced to the  officer of the customs post “Podilsk” of Odessa Customs of the SFS.

The official committed the malpractice in carrying out the customs formalities concerning the subject of foreign economic activity, demanded and received an unlawful benefit for the total amount of 25 thousand UAH for goods imported to the territory of Ukraine from the territory of the Republic of Moldova outside the established customs rules.

All proceeded actions were done in cooperation with employees of the Prosecutor’s Office of Odessa region and Department of the Security Service of Ukraine in Odessa region.