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The State Tax Service started its activity!

28.08.2019 -

Today, the Government’s Order as of 21st of August 2019 № 682-р about the beginning of the State Tax Service of Ukraine activity is published on the Government’s portal.

The Cabinet of Ministers delegated to the State Tax Service all functions on the implementation of the state tax policy, state policy on administering a single social contribution to compulsory state social insurance, state policy in the sphere of combating offenses within application of the tax legislation, as well as single social contribution legislation and legislation regarding other issues, the control of which is vested to the STS.

“We start a new phase in our country’s tax policy. The new tax service will become a reliable partner for entrepreneurs and will create favorable conditions for doing business in Ukraine, will introduce new services and ensure equal rights for all taxpayers. I am convinced that due to our joint efforts we will build a European tax service with a high level of confidence in the society that we will be proud of.” – emphasized Serhii Verlanov.

Adoption of the Order became possible after all the necessary steps of the STS formation, namely: the state registration, approval of the structure, staffing list and budget, transfer of 30% of employees at the level of central office and territorial departments from SFS to STS.

As follows, implementation of measures for the formation of the State Tax Service and ensuring that the STS executes its powers and functions determined by the Regulations on the State Tax Service of Ukraine  approved by the Resolution of the CMU as of 6th of March, 2019 № 227 has been completed.

Official web-portal of the State Tax Service of Ukraine is