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“Apple” products again replenished the warehouses of the SFS Trans Carpathian Customs

06.09.2019 -

Import of products that exceed the tax rate and are restricted for transportation across the customs border of Ukraine has been stopped at customs post “Uzhgorod” of the SFS Trans Carpathian Customs.

Vehicle Mercedes-Benz Sprinter with Ukrainian registration arrived at customs post “Uzhgorod”. Driver - our compatriot came back from the Czech Republic with 20 passengers, where he was for personal business.

Driver chose the “red corridor” as a form of customs control. During the oral questioning, Ukrainian driver denied presence of prodcts, including those that are subject to compulsory written declaration, or the transportation of which is prohibited or restricted through the customs border of Ukraine.

In the process of customs control of the specified vehicle, trailer and belongings the customs officers found 2 Apple laptops “MacBook” Air; 25 Apple laptops “MacBook” Pro model; 40 Apple tablets iPad 32 GB; 15 Apple tablets iPad 128 GB.

Hidden products Apple were in the trailer, in the freezer and refrigerator.

So, the citizen violated the established procedure of passing customs control – that is the case that during the passage customs control the citizen had goods that exceed the non-taxable rate of transportation across the customs border of Ukraine and were restricted for transportation.

These actions have features of violation of customs rules prescribed in Article 472 of the Customs Code of Ukraine.

At present, protocol on violation of customs rules has been complied; goods have been seized pending court decision. The cost of goods will be determined.