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Rotation of personnel of the tax police units in areas of the Joint forces operation was held in the SFS

31.10.2019 -

Today, on the 31st of October 2019, regular rotation of personnel was carried out for 113 tax police officers who have been serving in areas of the Joint Forces operation over the last four months.

During this time, over 580.000 vehicles and 4.7 million citizens were inspected and allowed to passage; 410 administrative and 18 criminal offenses were discovered; commodity-material values for more than 116 million UAH were seized from illicit turnover; almost 600 attempts on illegal transportation of goods through the demarcation line and 2 attempts of the cash transfer of unknown origin in the amount of 1.5 million UAH were prejudiced. In addition, 28 individuals involved in illegal armed groups were identified, as well as 14 facts on transportation of narcotics, 6 facts on transportation of weapons, ammunition and explosives, 3 attempts on the export of vehicles with foreign registration, 104 documents of unidentified type with signs of forgery.

Also among the achievements there are facts on the blocking of the smuggling channel of goods to the temporarily occupied territories by illegal crossing of border through the river Siverskyi Donets, the discovery and seizure of 50 thousand tons of coal in the Luhansk region in worth of 25 million UAH imported from Russia under the forged documents, termination of activity of the clandestine workshop for the production of paper products illegally using one of the trademarks of Ukraine in Donetsk region and others.

Best officers were honored with early ranks and messages of thanks from the SFS leadership for their courage, bravery, high professionalism and conscientious execution of duties in the area of the Joint forces operation.

We sincerely congratulate our colleagues with a lossless return!