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The SFS Customs issued 300 thousand EUR.1 certificates

13.11.2019 -

In order to support the export of goods of Ukrainian origin and ensuring Ukraine’s international commitments under the free trade agreements concluded with countries of the European Union, European Free Trade Association (Switzerland, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein) and Montenegro, the SFS Customs ensure issuance of the EUR.1 carriage certificates.

In total, 300 thousand EUR.1 certificates on the export of goods from Ukraine has been issued over 2016-2019 (as of 01.11.2019).

A three hundred thousandth certificate was issued by the Trans Carpathian customs for corn that was exported from Ukraine to Germany.

The biggest number of certificates was issued to Poland - 86698 certificates or 28%, Germany - 39565 certificates or 13%, Romania - 20906 certificates or 7%, Italy - 15431 certificates or 5%, the Netherlands - 12439 certificates or 4%, Lithuania - 11075 certificates or 4%.

Customs-leaders in issuing are: Lviv Customs –32084 certificates, Dnipropetrovsk - 23043 certificates, Zhytomyr - 19997 certificates, Odessa - 19336 certificates, Kyiv - 18684 certificates, Kharkiv - 17340.

Certificate is issued if it is required to be presented on the import of goods to the customs territory of EU countries, European Free Trade Association and Montenegro as a proof that the product(s) of Ukrainian origin(s) meet the requirements of the rules for determining preferential origin within the application of preferential import duty rates. Certificate is valid during 4 months.

Certificate is issued during the export of the product(s) at the place of their customs clearance (s) or after the export of the product(s) at the place of customs clearance of the product(s) or at the place of exporter’s state registration.

To obtain certificate, the exporter or authorized representative must submit to the structural unit of the customs that is entrusted with the functions of issuing the certificate, the following documents:

-          application that contains the declaration from the exporter in the form specified in the free trade agreements and / or its electronic copy;

-          electronic copy of certificate, if it was filled in by the typewriting and (if available) completed according to the requirements of the free trade agreements of the blank certificate;

-          supplier’s (manufacturer’s) declarations confirming the preferential origin of goods from Ukraine according to the rules for determining preferential origin established by free trade agreements and / or their electronic copies.

Recommendations on filling in the supplier’s (manufacturer’s) declarations with practical examples of filling them in are posted on the SFS official web portal by the link:

Certificate is issued free of charge as soon as possible, but no more than eight working hours after registration of the application in the structural unit of the SFS Customs that is entrusted with the functions of issuing the certificate.

Certificate is filled in by the exporter for one batch of goods, usually in English or in one of the languages that have concluded free trade agreements.

Procedure for filling in and issuing of the EUR.1 certificate of carriage (origin) of the by the Customs is approved by the Order of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine as of 20.11.2017 №. 950 registered by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine as of 26.12.2017.

For issue of the EUR.1 certificates the SFS:

- determined places where certificates are issued - 217 Customs subdivisions of the State fiscal service (management of customs payments and customs tariff regulation, customs posts, departments (sectors) of customs clearance) which are as close as possible to potential exporters / producers;

- authorized 848 customs officers of the SFS to issue certificates.

List of Customs subdivisions the SFS and their location of issuing certificates is posted by the link: .