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To individuals who carry out customs declaration of goods

06.12.2019 -

Citizens and subjects of foreign economic activity!

On the 8th December, 2019 from 00 hours 00 minutes (12 AM), customs that were created within the structure of the State Customs Service of Ukraine start conduction of customs formalities, subsequently the corresponding powers of the State Fiscal Service will be terminated.

In this regard, we recommend you refrain from submission of customs declarations to the SFS customs, as its clearance may not be completed by the end of the 7th of December, 2019.

On the 8th December, 2019 from 00 hours 00 minutes (12 AM), we ask you to address customs declarations to the newly created Customs of the State Customs Service.

Please note and take into account that during the first days of work of the State Customs Service due to the transfer of work of customs to a new classifier of customs clearance point, change of E-mail addresses of customs clearance divisions and access rights of customs officials to the software-information complexes of the Unified Automated Information System of the State Customs Service there may be possible errors in the acceptance and addressing of electronic customs declarations.

In advance, we apologize for any complications.