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Celebrations devoted to the 5th anniversary of the Tax police special operational support unit were held at the SFS

31.01.2020 -

Today, on the 31st of January 2020, the Deputy Minister of Finance Pavlo Khodakovskyi, Acting Commissioner of the SFS Denys Hutenko and Chairman of the STS Serhii Verlanov congratulated tax police officers on the occasion of the 5th anniversary since the creation of the Special Tax Police Unit which protects economic interests of Ukraine in area of the Joint Forces Operation.

During these 5 years, one third of the tax police personnel were serving in the area of military actions in eastern Ukraine, specifically 1 471 officers, including 41 women.

Over specified 5 year term more than 8 million 700 thousand vehicles have been inspected, more than 3 thousand vehicles with humanitarian cargo with total weight 49 thousand 320 tons, 9 thousand 572 attempts of illegal transportation of products (goods) across the demarcation line have been prevented at the controlling entry-exit checkpoints in Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

At the same time, 6122 cases of administrative violations have been exposed, 389 criminal proceedings have been entered in the Unified register of pre-trial investigations. Commodity-material values for more than 1 billion UAH have been seized from illicit turnover and 123 attempts on transportation of significant amounts of cash totaling 210 million UAH across the demarcation line have been prevented. 

For courage and high professionalism in solving the tasks in the ATO and Joint Forces Operation over 5 years, the number of 598 officers has been honored with Honors of the President of Ukraine “For participation in the anti-terrorist operation”, 20 officers have been awarded with Honors of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, 127 officers have been awarded with Honors of Joint Operations Commander.

In addition, 398 officers were honored with special ranks of the Tax police ahead of schedule; 352 officers were honored with gratitude of the State fiscal service of Ukraine.

Unfortunately, there were losses. Serving in the military area, 1 officer of the Special Tax Police Unit and 3 graduates of the Faculty of Tax Police of the National University of the State Fiscal Service were killed – teammates and officers will always remember them.

We wish our colleagues health, peace, unwavering spirit and express sincere gratitude for your dedicated service!