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Denys Hutenko: “Tax police continues to work and clearly fulfills tasks of the Government and the President of Ukraine”

12.02.2020 -

Tax police continues to work as a part of the the State Fiscal Service until a new body responsible for combating financial crimes will be formed. The Bureau of Financial Investigation is expected to become this body.

“SFS began its restructuring in July; subsequently tax and customs functions gone and new government bodies have been created. However, there remains the Tax police, which today clearly fulfills all the instructions of the Government and the President of Ukraine” – stated acting Commissioner of the SFS Denys Hutenko.

SFS has many tasks, among which the priority is implementation of measures aimed at combating illicit turnover and retail fuel trade.

Thus, the Tax police of the SFS conducts a complex of activities for working out places of illegal fuel trade.

From December 13, 2019 to February 8, 2020 jointly with other competent law enforcement and controlling authorities was verified information about 1399 allegedly illegal gas stations, of which the tax police:

-          stopped activity of 658 illegal refueling gas stations;

-          dismantled equipment used in the illegal activity of 482 illegal fuel trading facilities;

-          ensured beginning of registration of the necessary licenses for 40 business entities.

More than 9.4 thousand tons of fuel and lubricants totaling over 196 million UAH and equipment of illegal refueling / gas stations worth more than 150 million UAH were seized from illicit turnover during this period.

Obtained results are the result of systematic approach in the combating against illegal refineries and gas stations. Work in this direction is actively ongoing. “Illegals” should not have place in the fuel market.

All gas stations have to work with licenses – this is a major requirement for participants of the fuel market. By the way, to find information whether the gas station works legally is available on the STS website:

It should be noted that the SFS is actively working on identifying ways that allow illegal fuel to get into the domestic market.

“SFS will make every effort to minimize the shadow segment of the fuel market fully” – summarized Denys Hutenko.

It should be reminded that SFS received a commendable “feedback” from participants of the meeting on measures aimed at combating illegal gas stations during the meeting of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi with representatives of the companies-participants of the fuel market on the 5th of February 2020.