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Serhii Solodchenko: SFS is ready for the personnel “reboot”

25.02.2020 -

Today, acting Commissioner of the SFS Serhii Solodchenko agreed strategic directions of work of Service during the working meeting with the Prime Minister of Ukraine Oleksii Honcharuk.

Particularly, the focus was on the work of tax police, immediate plans and ensuring the positioning of the Service as a credible body with zero tolerance for corruption.

“We need to move away from periodic complaints about corruption in the SFS bodies. I have already instructed to respond to the facts of violation of the anti-corruption legislation and official crimes by personnel immediately. Also, official investigations will be conducted on each such fact. Results will be reported to me personally in order to make prompt management decisions” – stated Serhii Solodchenko.

In addition, according to him, the tax police should focus solely on combating illegal business. “White” business, ideally, should not contact with the SFS operational and investigative units at all.