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SFS welcomed 16th rotation of the tax police officers who returned from area of the Joint Forces Operation

28.02.2020 -

Today, acting Commissioner of the SFS Serhii Solodchenko welcomed 105 tax police officers, including 3 women who have returned from area of the Joint Forces Operation.

“Fortunately, everyone is alive and healthy. You come back home with pride and sense of accomplished duty” – Serhii Solodchenko appealed to colleagues.

He reported that during 16th rotation, 22 employees received gratitude and 15 employees were assigned with early special ranks by the SFS executives for conscientious and impeccable service, for showing high professionalism and dedication.

In total, 1573 tax police officers, including 48 women, have served in the ATO and JFO area. 598 employees were encouraged with Presidential Honors “For Participation in the Anti-Terrorist Operation”; 345 employees were encouraged with SFS gratitude and 397 employees were assigned with early special ranks.

“17th rotation of units of operational support of the ATO zones of the SFS is already serving on the East of Ukraine. We wish them to fulfill their duties and to honor the economic interests of Ukraine with honor. We wish harmony, peace and love to you all who have returned home today. Take care of yourself and your families” – summarized acting Commissioner of the SFS.