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Dear colleagues!

17.03.2020 -

Today, all of us face the challenge of protecting our health. We already see the effects of COVID-19 coronavirus infection in many countries. It is in our power to prevent this epidemic in Ukraine. Government has already announced the quarantine. I consider this decision to be reasonable and justified. I am convinced that this disease is better to prevent rather than to allow it.

I appeal to the heads of structural units of the central apparatus and territorial bodies of the State Fiscal Service to take into account the rights of employees who have children under 14 years old to get the leave for announced quarantine period in the respective territory. And also I ask to provide organization of activity of the subordinate units taking into account features of working schedule in terms of quarantine.

I ask all executives to treat their colleagues with understanding and respect, to make responsible management decisions in order to protect health of Service’s employees.

In addition, in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus in Ukraine, I consider following necessary measures:

-          to limit the direct communication of employees of the SFS bodies with visitors as much as possible;

-          to analyze overseas missions to identify employees who have recently visited countries where the COVID-19 outbreak has been detected and monitor the health status of such employees;

-          to conduct the explanatory work with the personnel on necessity of carrying out of individual preventive measures and prompt reaction in case of symptoms;

-          do not allow employees with signs of illness to work.

It should be noted that the SFS bodies have already purchased the required amount of hand sanitizers that will be installed in public places.

Also, please note that on the territory of the SFS bodies there are medical units where temperature can be measured and first aid can be obtained.

Once again, I emphasize the need for preventive measures, specifically:

-          wash hands thoroughly;

-          use disinfectants;

-          ventilate residential and work premises;

-          drink warm water regularly;

-          use medical masks being in public places;

-          refrain from visiting crowded places during the quarantine period;

-          Doctor’s consultation is obligatory if there are symptoms (fever, cough, etc.); self-treatment is forbidden.

These are obvious and well-known methods for combating disease. But they become more than ever clear just at the time of the epidemiological threat. Please have responsible attitude towards your health and health of others.

Take care of yourself and your families.

Be healthy!


Serhii Solodchenko