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Serhii Solodchenko: cooperation between the SFS and the Asset recovery and management agency (ARMA) should increase the efficiency of work with seized property

28.04.2020 -

This was noted by the acting Commissioner of the State fiscal service of Ukraine Serhii Solodchenko during a working meeting with management of the Asset recovery and management agency (ARMA).

“Interaction with the Fiscal service, which in the framework of its activities deals with the seized property, should maximally contribute to effective work of the ARMA with these assets – emphasized Serhii Soldochenko during the discussion of working issues of interaction between the state agencies. – This will help to manage movable and immovable property, other assets seized by the court decisions in criminal proceedings in a more qualitative and, most importantly, timely manner in the interests of the State.”

During discussion, representatives of the Asset recovery and management agency initiated possibilities and mechanisms of their work. Special attention was paid to discussing ARMA’s capabilities in the sphere of international cooperation and enhancing the effectiveness of cooperation between the law enforcement agencies and the Asset recovery and management agency.

Also, participants of the meeting agreed to hold an extended selector meeting with involvement of the central apparatus and territorial bodies, but only after overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic, that is, when it is safe to do so.