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Production of counterfeit under the guise of well-known foreign brands was stopped in Kyiv region

20.05.2020 -

Tax police officers of the Main Directorate in Kyiv region under the procedural guidance of the regional Prosecutor’s office stopped activity of the clandestine production of counterfeit alcohol beverages from substandard raw materials.

Within the framework of criminal proceeding under Part 3 Article 204 of the Criminal code of Ukraine it was detected that the counterfeit was made under the guise of known foreign brands. Subsequently, these products were sold via the Internet.

In accordance with the procedure provided by the current criminal procedural legislation of Ukraine, an urgent search was carried out in the non-residential premises where the dealers organized illegal production of alcohol beverages. A batch of the counterfeit with a volume of more than 3000 liters, packaged in the “bag-in-box” packaging, 800 liters of raw materials (ethyl alcohol) in plastic barrels, as well as equipment intended for mass production of such products were seized as a result of search.

At present there are ongoing measures on identification the sources of raw materials for production of the counterfeit and circle of individuals involved in the specified illegal activity in order to bring them to justice.