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Activity of organized criminal group which sold 15 tons of the counterfeit was stopped in Kirovohrad region

21.05.2020 -

Investigators of Kirovohrad region under the procedural guidance of the regional Prosecutor’s office directed to the court a criminal proceeding against organized group consisting of 3 individuals who, for the purpose of illegal enrichment, purchased, stored and sold the counterfeit alcohol beverages.

Specified products were acquired from two residents of the neighboring Cherkasy region, who have already been prosecuted: one of them is awaiting a court decision, and the other is undergoing a pre-trial investigation. Illegally produced alcohol beverages were “packaged” in plastic bottles without complying with any sanitary norms. Further, these products were sold in one shop in Znamyanka town, Kirovohrad region.

According to the results of searches in February 2020, the police stopped illegal activity of the criminal group and seized the counterfeit alcohol beverages.

In addition, the investigation proved that members of the organized group sold more than 15 tons of the counterfeit products worth 2.7 million UAH as a result of criminal activity during 2019-2020.

All members of the organized group were announced with suspicions under Part 3 Article 28, Part 1 Article 204 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, which envisages a fine in the amount of 85 to 170 thousand UAH with confiscation and destruction of illegally produced products.