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More than 30 tons of the counterfeit was seized in Kharkiv region

27.05.2020 -

Tax police officers of the Main Directorate of the SFS in Kharkiv region under the procedural guidance of the regional Prosecutor’s office stopped illegal production of the counterfeit alcohol beverages.

Within the framework of pre-trial investigation of criminal proceeding under Article 204 of the Criminal code of Ukraine were detected two clandestine production and trading places of alcohol beverages. Produced counterfeit was sold for bottling in several cafes in Kharkiv.

 5 searches were conducted at the addresses of illegal production, storage and sale of alcohol beverages based on the court rulings. More than 30 tons of alcohol products, partially poured into plastic containers with a capacity of 1 thousand liters and 10-liter plastic bottles, as well as equipment (pumps, filters, hoses) were seized as a result of searches. Estimated cost of seized property is more than 5 million UAH.

The investigation is ongoing, as well as measures on identification of individuals involved in organization of illegal business.

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