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Group of individuals who earned by the selling counterfeit was exposed in Vinnytsia region

29.05.2020 -

Investigators of the Main Directorate of the SFS in Vinnytsia region under the procedural guidance of the Prosecutor’s office in Vinnytsia region directed to the court the criminal proceeding against 4 individuals who, for the purpose of personal enrichment, purchased, transported, stored and sold illegally produced alcohol beverages and ethyl alcohol.

Within the framework of criminal proceeding under Article 204 of the Criminal code of Ukraine it was exposed that members of a group, who by the preliminary agreement, bought illegally produced alcohol and stored it for the purpose of further sale. In the future, using cars they carried out the transportation of these products and further sale.

Thus, more than 1.2 tons of alcohol and more than 1 ton of alcohol-containing liquids were found and seized, as a result of authorized searches in the defendants’ cars. In addition, court rulings arrested the defendants’ cars, with the help of which alcohol and alcohol beverages were transported.

At present defendants may face punishment in the form of a fine up to 170 thousand UAH with confiscation and destruction of illegally produced goods.