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Cadets and students of the Tax Police Faculty are the foundation of future body for combating economic criminality – Serhii Solodchenko

29.05.2020 -

This was announced today by Acting Commissioner of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine Serhii Solodchenko during the celebrations dedicated to the 23rd anniversary of the Faculty of Training, Retraining and Advanced Training of the Tax Police Officers of University of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine.

“At present society has a strong belief in the need to create a fundamentally new body to combat economic crimes. Whether it will be the Bureau of Economic Security or any other name – it’s not principle. The main thing is personnel component. You, like no other, can become its foundation” – stated acting Commissioner.

He noted that currently the Fiscal Service builds a new philosophy of interaction with the business environment by not interfering in the work of white business but ruthlessly fighting the shadow one. Therefore, he wished the young people to acquire as much professional knowledge, initial experience and confidence in their own potential as only possible.

“Nowadays reality is that the tax police officer is becoming not less needed than the surgeon. By analogy, the surgeon saves people and the tax policeman saves the economy” – summarized Serhii Solodchenko.



Over its history, the Faculty of Training, Retraining and Advanced Training of the Tax Police Officers has graduated more than 3000 tax officers.

As of today there are 897 applicants for higher education study here, including 367 cadets.

Teaching personnel includes 3 doctors of sciences, 35 candidates of sciences, 5 professors and 14 associate professors.

The faculty actively cooperates with the Academy of Financial Guard of Italy, the Academy of Economic Police of London, Varna Free University named after Chornorizets Hrabra, the Federal Academy of Finance under the German Ministry of Finance, the National Center for Forensic Science of the Republic of Moldova, the Ministry of Finance Union, the Office of the Council of Europe in Ukraine, the Representation of the Customs Service of Germany in Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova.