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Tax police personnel in the Joint Forces Operation continues strict adhering to all rules in counteracting the COVID-19 – Serhii Solodchenko

05.06.2020 -

This was emphasized by acting Commissioner of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine during a working visit to the area of Joint Forces Operation (JFO).

“Tax police unit is an active participant in the implementation of the state tasks as a part of units involved in the JFO. That is why, despite the easing of quarantine restrictions in the country, it is extremely important to continue strict adhering to all necessary measures to combat the COVID-19 on the demarcation line. This is a strategic area, so control over compliance with sanitary and epidemiological norms does not lose its relevance.” – noted Serhii Solodchenko.

During the visit, acting Commissioner of the SFS expressed support to all colleagues and expressed hope for further responsible attitude to service in the area of Joint Forces Operation and also made sure that the tax police adhere to official discipline and rules of individual protection against the virus.

It should be noted that since the beginning of 2020, the SFS employees who are in the JFO zone and monitor the observance of country’s economic interests in these territories have carried out:

- detailed inspection and admission of 365 thousand vehicles and about 2.7 million citizens;

- detection of 537 facts of violations regarding the procedure for transportation of products and conduction of economic activity;

- initiation of 19 criminal proceedings;

- prevention of 107 cases regarding illegal transportation of cash in various currencies totaling more than 22 million UAH;

- confiscation of valuables in the amount of almost 1 million UAH and cash in the amount of 6.6 million UAH as a result of judicial review of administrative materials in the state revenues.