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Serhii Solodchenko held a meeting with representatives of the alcohol and alcohol beverage industry

12.06.2020 -

Yesterday, acting Commissioner of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine Serhii Solodchenko held a meeting with representatives of the alcohol and alcohol beverage industry, initiated by the Association “Ukrvodka”, the Association of Legal Alcohol Producers of Ukraine and “Ukrspyrt”.

During the meeting parties discussed the main problems and prospects for their solution. Important problem, in addition to the threats of shadowing the industry, is the accumulation of alcohol-containing products in warehouses seized by the court decisions and transferred for safekeeping.

“Due to the lack of timely court decisions, the warehouses where these goods are stored are sometimes “overfilled” by the growing accumulation. This creates discomfort for everyone. I agree, as well as with tobacco products, to make the process of destruction of alcohol products public – with the participation of representatives of industry associations, in particular the Association “Ukrvodka” and video recording” – informed Serhii Solodchenko.

In total, over 5 months of 2020, the SFS operational units seized excisable products totaling 1.3 billion UAH, which is 250 million UAH more than over the same period in 2019. Ethyl for 250 million UAH and alcohol beverages for 242 million UAH was seized.

Returning to the market shadowing threats for the production of alcohol and alcohol-containing products, Serhii Solodchenko emphasized that at present there is a need to intensify work aimed at combating the illicit turnover of excisable products.

“The SFS investigators are focusing on investigating and prosecuting alcohol-related criminal cases. There are relevant Government’s tasks and there is understanding that the spread of counterfeiting is not only a budgetary loss but it is also a loss of human health. This year the fourth part of the criminal proceedings directed by us to the court – 125 was initiated under Article 204 of the Criminal code of Ukraine” – noted acting Commissioner.

According to the results of meeting, the parties agreed on the need to introduce modern tools aimed at un-shadowing the domestic market of alcohol beverages. In particular, it was a question of inventing the technical possibility of providing the public with a video stream from surveillance cameras, which are located in 16 plants. Implementation of this plan will allow anyone to monitor online the indicators of factory meters, entry / exit of vehicles, shipment of alcohol and reception of grain used in production.