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Bukovyn resident was found guilty of distributing the counterfeit cigarettes

24.06.2020 -

At the end of April 2020, tax police investigators of the main Directorate of the SFS in Chernivtsi region under the procedural guidance of the regional Prosecutor’s office directed to the court criminal proceeding under Part 1 Article 204 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine regarding the illegal acquisition and storage of illegally manufactured tobacco products for the purpose of sale.

Investigation detected that Bukovyn resident purchased tobacco products without the excise tax marks of Ukraine and stored them for further sale in the European Union.

Resident’s illegal actions were stopped by the tax police. During the warehouse’s inspection, more than 135 thousand packs of illegally manufactured tobacco products worth about 6.1 million UAH were seized.

In May 2020, the specified resident was found guilty of committing this crime and sentenced to a fine of 85 thousand UAH. Tobacco products must be destroyed.

On the 23rd of June 2020, the court decision came into force.