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Activity of payment minimization center which legalized 450 million UAH was stopped in Dnipropetrovsk region

24.06.2020 -

Tax police employees of the main Directorate of the SFS in Dnipropetrovsk region under the procedural guidance of the regional Prosecutor’s office stopped activity of payment minimization center which reduced budgetary payments during 2018 – 2020 through fictitious enterprises and legalized more than 450 million UAH.

Within the framework of the pre-trial investigation under Part 1 Article 212, Part 5 Article 27, Part 3 Article 212of the Criminal code of Ukraine it was established that functioning of the center was organized by several individuals, carrying out illegal activity on rendering tax evasion services to the enterprises of real sector of economy of the Dnepropetrovsk, Kyiv, Kharkiv and Poltava regions.

Breakers of law documented the non-commodity financial transactions. Then, funds for allegedly purchased goods and services from enterprises of the real sector of economy were transferred to the accounts of enterprises with fictitiousness signs. Subsequently, cash was withdrawn from current accounts and transferred to their customers. Breakers of law received 12% (from 450 million UAH) for their services.

During the authorized searches, the originals of financial and economic documents, about 200 seals and stamps of enterprises with fictitiousness signs, 147 thousand UAH in cash of fictitious business enterprises, etc. were seized. 625.000 UAH was seized from the accounts of fictitious business enterprises.

Investigative actions are ongoing.