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“Excise – 2019”: batch of counterfeit cigarettes in worth of 1 million UAH has been seized in Kharkiv

15.08.2019 -

Employees of the tax police of the Head office of the SFS in Kharkiv region in cooperation with border guards under the procedural guidance of Kharkiv Local Prosecutor’s Office №. 1 and Prosecutor’s office of Kharkiv region have seized from the illicit turnover a large batch of counterfeit cigarettes.

Within the framework of operation “Excise – 2019” and investigation of criminal proceeding under Part 1 Article 204, Article 227 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine it was identified that a batch of illegally produced tobacco products was stored in the warehouse of one logistics company on the territory of the region.

According to the results of the sanctioned searches the amount 29.4 thousand packs of illegally produced counterfeit cigarettes without the excise duty stamps of Ukraine in worth of 1 million UAH have been seized and transferred to responsible storage.

The investigation is ongoing.