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Two production clandestine workshops of the counterfeit ethyl and alcohol has been eliminated in Ternopil region

19.08.2019 -

Employees of the tax police of the Head office of the SFS in Ternopil region have stopped activity of two production clandestine workshops that produced the counterfeit excisable goods.

Group of local residents who organized two production clandestine workshops of the counterfeit ethyl and alcoholic beverages at their place of residence has been identified  within the framework of operation “Excise – 2019” and investigation of criminal proceeding under Part 1 Article 199, Part 1 Article 204 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

Meanwhile, in the clandestine workshop the equipment for the production of alcohol, made by one of the breakers of law allowed to receive the counterfeit products the volume of the specified alcohol in which was 93-95 percent.

Subsequently, the breakers of law sold ready-made counterfeit to the final consumers through their own retailer.

Searches at the places of production and sale of the counterfeit, as well as in cars used for the criminal activity were conducted on the basis of court rulings.

As a result of the searches, the activity of 2 production clandestine workshops has been eliminated and 1 thousand 920 liters of vodka (cognacs, tinctures, vodka), 10 thousand 120 liters of alcohol-containing liquid (blend) containing 15-25 vol. units, 740 liters of alcohol in plastic containers (barrels, canisters), 5 devices (installations) for the illicit production of beverages and alcohol by distillation (rectification) of alcohol-containing liquid, plastic containers, corks, flavoring essences, alcohol meters, hoses, filters, watering cans, hydraulic pumps , adhesive tapes, polyethylene Peninsula film and the car which transported goods have been seized.

The total value of the seized from the illicit turnover commodity-material values is almost 2.5 million UAH, incl. the excisable goods - 1 million 960 thousand UAH.

The investigation is ongoing.