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Center for the minimization of custom payments that conducted import transactions for 200 million UAH has been liquidated in Trans Carpathian region

19.08.2019 -

Employees of the tax police of the Head office of the SFS in Sumy region under the procedural guidance of the Prosecutor’s office in Sumy region have stopped the activity of center for the minimization of custom payments in Trans Carpathian region.

Group of Trans Carpathian residents, including residents of the regional center who provided the enterprises of the real sector of economy with services for the minimization of custom payments on the import of different product groups from Europe and China to Ukraine has been identified within the framework of operation “Rubizh”, “Bastion” and investigation of criminal proceeding under Part 4 Article 27, Part 1 Article 205, Part 5 Article 27, Part 3 Article 212 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

Individuals created a group of companies-importers and non-resident companies in order to cover the illegal activity. The involved identified individuals concluded appropriate supply contracts between the controlled companies-importers and non-resident companies having received order on the import of particular type of goods from “customers” (operating business entities) by a reduced customs value. Herewith, documents required for the customs clearance of goods had deliberately misrepresented information about the value of goods, their weight, etc., which made it possible to reduce their customs value and, accordingly, their customs duties.

Goods imported in this way were passed on to the customers who sold them for cash without reflecting it in accounting and tax records. At the same time, the sale of goods was documented to the address of other controlled companies, which resulted in formation of the illegal VAT tax credit, which was subsequently sold to operating business entities.

The total volume of the import transactions conducted through the controlled companies that were a part of Center for the minimization of custom payments has amounted approximately 200 million UAH during 2018-2019.

Searches in offices, warehouses and places of residence of involved individuals have been carried out in the territory of Uzhgorod and Trans Carpathian region. 54 seals and stamps of the companies-importers and non-resident companies, forged seals and stamps of the state authorities of the EU and Ukraine, cash in the equivalent of 250 thousand UAH, unfilled CMR blanks with prints of the non-resident companies, primary accounting documents, including contracts filled out on the behalf of non-resident companies with prints, blank sheets of prints of non-resident companies, computer equipment, electronic media containing evidence of the illegal activity and cell phones used by the involved individuals have been seized from illicit turnover according to results of authorized searches.   

The investigation is ongoing.